About Apollo Medical

About Practice

Combining art and science of Medicine, providing comprehensive medical care, Apollo Medical, a multi specialty clinic, believes in treating every patient individually. We provide a versatile practice that delivers patient-centered care at their state-of-the-art medical offices in Hot Springs and Hot Springs Village, Arkansas.
Apollo Medical has designed their practice to meet every patient’s unique needs. To better serve their communities, they offer walk-in services that allow busy families to get the help they need when they need it. The office is equipped with cutting-edge diagnostic tools and cancer treatments, such as cryoablation — a minimally invasive procedure that freezes cancerous tissues.
The practice also offers intravenous (IV) therapy for hydration, nutrients, and medications. This is especially helpful for cancer patients in palliative care, as IV treatments deliver fluids and medications much faster than oral treatments alone. If necessary, Apollo Medical also provides transition care for palliative patients who are transitioning to their home setting.
Along with traditional family medicine services, such as women’s health care, strep throat testing, flu care, and annual physicals, Apollo Medical is currently designing a brand-new wellness program that can help improve their patients’ overall quality of life.
With personalized care and treatment, Apollo Medical strives to change outcomes, touch hearts, and improve lives in the communities of Hot Springs and Hot Springs Village. Call or schedule a visit online to learn more.