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If your body isn’t getting the nutrients it needs, eating right and taking your vitamins may not be enough to keep you looking and feeling your best. At Apollo Medical in Hot Springs and Hot Springs Village, Arkansas, Katherine Hurst, MD, and the qualified Nurse Practitioners, offers intravenous (IV) therapy to deliver vital nutrients directly into your bloodstream. Physicians use IV therapy to treat a wide range of conditions, including chronic fatigue and low immunity. call Apollo Medical or book a visit online today.

IV Therapy Q & A

What is IV therapy?

Intravenous (IV) therapy delivers medication or high levels of nutrients directly through the bloodstream, to bypass digestion. This way, they immediately begin circulating throughout the body. When you ingest food, supplements, or medication orally, it has to run through your digestive system into the stomach. By the time it reaches your bloodstream, the nutrients or medications often lose their potency.

For cancer patients, particularly those in palliative care, it may not be possible to ingest an oral medication. To keep his patients comfortable and free of pain, Dr. Bharany uses IV therapy to deliver medications directly into the bloodstream.

What is IV therapy used for?

Physicians use IV therapy to treat a variety of conditions and to keep their patients as healthy and comfortable as possible:

Chronic illnesses

IV therapy can improve the symptoms of many chronic illnesses, including Lyme disease, lupus, and chronic fatigue, by delivering vital nutrients directly into your bloodstream. 


Dehydration is one of the most common uses for IV therapy. Delivering fluids into your bloodstream, rather than drinking water and ingesting electrolytes, helps rehydrate your body as soon as possible.

Wellness care

Whether you’re sick, tired, or even hungover, there are a number of IV treatments that can deliver the exact vitamins and minerals you need to feel your best.

What happens during IV therapy?

Depending on your reason for needing IV therapy, Apollo Medical may review the nutrients, vitamins, or medications they’re using before beginning the treatment. Your provider will explain to you which medications, fluids, or nutrients they’re delivering beforehand, so you know how long it will take to feel the effects.

After preparing your drip, your doctor inserts a catheter into a vein in your arm. This allows the fluids to flow into your bloodstream. If you’re visiting for a hydration IV, you may only spend 15 minutes in the office. However, IV nutrient therapy can take 45 to an hour to effectively administer.

IV therapy is the quickest way to keep you healthy and comfortable. To schedule an appointment, call Apollo Medical or book a visit online today.